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Liquid mixer controlled in PLC Projects.

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Because today, bringing the industrial PLC.. Usage that applied science. This is the key to on the production. That can react to every Manufacturing process . And pen a programme that can master the measuring instrument . Utilized in industrial applications. This is asked in industry today. It must be geared up to move to the technology industry . It’s now much .

2. The body structure of the organization .

Projects mixer liquid is commanded by PLC consists of the power supply is divided into two parts : ALTERNATING CURRENT 110 ATOMIC NUMBER 23 paid solenoid Grand piano valves and ALTERNATING CURRENT 220 VOLT salary pumps, motors, and P. Chelsea PLC to control the working fluid mixing all By recording the command to go the PLC process . Composed application to pay when a tank hit head start. Pump mathematical function to supply liquid tank top tank top human actions to preserve the liquid before adding liquid intermixture tank is fit out with liquid grade detective work . To obtain the fluid grade as assigned . When the liquid grade as assigned . Liquid Motors will work to tank after storage tank mixing the liqu.

2.1 power supply tours and control valves.

Power provision circuit control valve When Sapoana┬┐ the open circuit. Remembering mapping and power off both 220 volt and 110 V circuit employs a powerfulness transformer 110 V.

ONE THOUSAND & C takes valve circuit. Each valve will work. When it receives the order from the PLC over relays . The valve, each will behave otherwise are as follows : Relay K1 will add to the valve 1 opened to furnish liquid to tank relay race K2 to order the valve 2 opened to provide liquid to storage tank the tank made full at a relay K3 to order the valve 3 spreads out to dispense liquid into storage tank from the tank fill two relay K4 to order the valve 4 opened to supply liquid to tank from the storage tank filling three relay races K5 to order the valve 5 spreads out to fill up the liquid into tank Fill the pail to pay a relay K6 to order the valve 6. Open air to make full a liquid into tank top 2 of tank payment relay K7 to order the valve 7 spreads to fill up the liquid into tank top 3 of storage tank payment relay K8 is to order the pump function .

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